Chaos a Warhammer 40000


(Ravagers and Corrupters)

At this day, photos of 478 miniatures on these pages.

You'll find on these pages a detailed description of my chaos army for Warhammer 40000. It is not really designed for the game, but it's still can be used for. It's not well balanced and will hardly fit to strategic considerations. It's first of all a collection army. You won't find two times the same model, and very few converted models. You could even notice that special equipments are too numerous in certain squads. This is due to changes between editions of the game, and to my preference for various and beautiful equipments. In game term, these equipments are simply ignored. I do not use any homemade rules or special characters (only their models).

For information, this army counts approximatively 15000 army points in the 4th edition of Warhammer 40000. It's greatly inspired by old-times books (Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader, Realms Of Chaos...). It mixes old models from before 1990 as well as most recent. My army is never finished, and I'm still make it grow regularly. Is fact, it's made of 2 distincts armies : Devastators (Khorne-Nurgle) and Corrupters (Slaanesh-Tzeentch).


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Harvesters Of Skulls: Khorne troops - Khorne vehicles - Khorne demons - Chaos and others


XIIIth Wolves: Troops
Vice Legion: Troops
Morbid Troupe: Troops


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